Dave Cowell Photography | About
I bought my first camera in my teens. As with most people it was a simple way to record where I've been and what I've seen. More than 30 years later it's still in use, but the How and Why has changed.

I've learned and experienced much over those years, and not just about photography or its tools. Nature photography has taught me patience. It has taught me that being alone in nature is not only a good thing, it's a necessity. Only by being out there can you see and in any depth learn about the natural world. I consider myself a simple person who's inspired by all that nature has to offer. The experience of being there and seeing these wonders is primary.

One of my biggest hopes is that my photographs do justice to what was before me. I hope that these images might lend a voice to animals and places that have none. And, if by chance I move someone to have a better appreciation for the world we inhabit, take an interest in preserving the wild spaces and places of our country or better yet, go out and experience it first hand, then I consider my efforts well spent

This is a small sampling of a few of my experiences in the wild, I hope you enjoy and appreciate them

All of the animals here were photographed in the wild and were free to come and go as they please, none of them are game farm or zoo animals. I do not make major manipulations to my photos

Thanks to my friend
Heidi Pinkerton for the profile photo!