Reny Bovy(non-registered)
Looks great Dave, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Hope to see you again some Yellowstone
Mark Wolf(non-registered)
Greet meeting you last week watching the grizzly family. Just browsed through some of your other work, WOW! Hope to see you at a pullout in Hayden Valley this summer.

-Ranger Wolf
Kristen Hanna
Dave it was wonderful to meet you on the neighborhood trail. Thanks for all your invite. Your work is absolutely amazing! I will keep watching in your new uploads for the owls sweet babies to arrives. I may buy some prints in the meantime. I am so impressed mostly with your love of the process! thanks again
Janiene LIcciardi and Katie Novak(non-registered)
It was great serendipity to meet you yesterday at Hayton Preserve watching the dowitchers. Thank you for pointing out the Virginia Rail! We would not have seen it otherwise. Your photos are amazing and your philosophy and humility is amazing too- kudos to nature photographers like yourself. We feel privileged to have met you.
I am so proud of you Gommobu keeping your work consistantly. I have always been interested in your pictures on a feed and I want to let you know that. I miss you, Sunny and sure Rockie so much. Hope to see you soon!!
Alicia White(non-registered)
Dave, your photos are stunning. I appreciate what you do in the way of back lighting - you know how to make it work! Keep ups the great work!
Astrid Schute(non-registered)
What an amazing photo's!!! I really enjoyed them, especially the owls and bird of prey!
Your photography always amazes me! You have such a great way of letting an animal's personality shine through in your photos! You are a wonderful photographer and I'm happy to know you!
You know how much I love looking at your wonderful work so please don't be discouraged by lack of comments. You should be very proud of what you do
It was nice meeting you today! Thank you for being so kind and patient with me while I learn about the birds in my area and photographing them!
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